Livestock Feed Hoppers

Feed On The Go

We offer 3 sizes of hoppers:

  • 35 bushel / 44 cubic ft. (holds approx. 1000 lbs.)
  • 45 bushel / 56 cubic ft. (holds approx.. 1500 lbs.)
  • 85 bushel / 106 cubic ft. (holds approx. 3000 lbs.)
  • Hoppers come standard with a 3000 lb. built in scale and hydraulic direct drive auger.
  • Augers fold back for narrow transport and safety reducing the risk of contact with other objects.
  • Hopper top lid has a lever that can be operated from the ground. Can be ordered without a top if desired.
  • 12v and gas drive kits are available to run the auger if hydraulic power is not available.
  • A mixing top is an available option for the 45 and the 85 bushel hoppers that uses a hydraulically driven vertical auger to mix various feed ingredients.
  • Each hopper can be fitted with a trailer frame that is easily bolted to or removed from the hoppers. Comes with standard trailer tires or ATV tires depending on your needs.
  • Bale deck brackets are available to lift your hopper on or off your bale deck. The auger can be operated by the bale deck hydraulics on most decks.
  • Drop feeders are also available to drop your feed in rows or piles via a slide gate on the bottom of the hopper. They are built on a trailer frame without a scale.
  • Scales can be added as a custom ordered unit.

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