About Us


Nestled in the heartland of Alberta 5H Manufacturing is run by Steven Haller. His family has been farming in this area for three generations. From grain to cattle they have worked hard at maintaining a small but thriving operation that takes care of their families and gives back to the community.

In 2018 5H Manufacturing purchased the Elias Scales line and moved the business to Steven’s family farm between Trochu and Huxley, Alberta. In 2019 they introduced their newest product, the ProMount Gate System and they’re excited to see the positive response from the farming community. This gate mounting system was developed out their own experiences of managing their own cattle operation. All aspects of the manufacturing process are implemented in their farm-based facility and the team works hard to continually improve the product lines and services.

The 5H Manufacturing products are developed and tested with a hands-on approach on the Haller farm and must pass their high standards for durability and ease of use. They’re dedicated to always provide products that help you become more efficient so you can enjoy the lifestyle that you’ve created.


You work hard and you want to purchase products that provide value and get the job done. Here are a few reasons that we believe you should invest in 5H products.